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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 6, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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there's a dim. one against going on in my abdomen pretty. classic i'm sure the wrong. city if you. just of watch 7 the book or you stop those words is there a fortune they're always on sale or well i know largish is just his early visit they took solar dongle and only called the sun the american goes it did don't have it by the thought of. a set of objectives to chill of your arms are your classical professional may do it. but don't all bellman else make some i.v. dismantle of objectivism none of us will get up to talk last about the polish wash as it is on a fox show you might have just because. the mass is a thing but it is. the muzzle again even. one about all the books they get sick arms as a job. or hauled away or not. it
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was 15 years before my mother received treatment a combination of drugs and psychoanalysis she hasn't had a severe depressive episode for around 10 years now. the chats with my mother leaves me with mixed feelings guilt for not realizing she was on survival mode for 15 years with very little understanding from her family. but also disappointment i was hoping she'd show more compassion for the terrible impact of depression i don't know. perhaps facing about problems is too hard for her and this is something else that i need to accept.
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i wonder whether mentally ill people of my generation experienced the same problems and from their families and society in general. on the internet i discover the work of and be too she takes portraits of people with mental disorders in the hope of changing attitudes. and has bipolar disorder also known as manic depression. before being diagnosed in 2009 she had periods of high followed by bouts of severe depression. a challenging behavior as a teenager resulted in a permanent rift from her parents. on book with a song called for groups a ship that is also just silly she wasn't sure about the motion would settle up to me but owner of a proof certainly looks true to fish in a. discovery service to pay little hosiery exact amount of work.
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in the total install i prefer to do. it more. was that budgeted for the perceiver to produce leisure i could see just. for my neck my neck strictly for my head. while trivial to. resolve a skirt no remit to was gone the only russian even put hikers sheaffer when they could polish all of us properly to dishes shift. in there was more. of a quest for a magic cure that physical my neck in my legs and smooths a stable now due to the medication she's taking she's now happily married and expecting a baby. later of a coffee we discussed the motifs of the people who participated in her photography
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project. so. for others to go much. by the. cure were very. long the. only one that. would be missing is. would you trust him let's just leave what exactly is your passion is it over with god and then you make you will see it what us old enough to listen so sick. well can hear their best curds for 10 minutes a clip to shake him up and trying to present that similar. who's who felt just too much. and takes me to meet claire who really wants to talk to me. don't play a small town the moment i want to find out how sweet as
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a mother copes with a mental disorder. the magic. can . tell me i. was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 3 years ago although she's been treated for depression since had teens. records my children with. other wonderful people. thanks the opportunity to take a new set of pictures. claire has agreed to show host scars parm she flicks it on herself before her drug treatments to be nice. it's lovely to see the 2 laugh as they share their experiences. as the daughter of someone who suffered from depression i want to find out how claire's illness and the reaction of others has affected the children similar to our 1st.
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semana so developers have a mad. back up bag little mama. dollar in a moan in family prolong the proprietor math she tries on for isn't general kid of a. common school rupali the result of abuse of power the shop one others argue over america a lot brian deer could talk to to compare the i am is a fine savable to turn on the light which is met with his recently sexually poor referencing redesigning of my she was in need of desireless yeah what's up with one of our guys have to spare for my muffler sabella photo this am and i did well missy better which it will fit so. well are a function of the a basic similar amount of experience lucia tree was for example. while my mom neighbor's wife have a lot in the past we have buried him or separated but may bring ken mehlman i
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replied on his own from one of the. supposed accept as so many of us now. hasn't only suffered prejudice from people in this small town since the birth of her 3rd child she's also been subjected to increased scrutiny from french social services and fears a similar fate. and so on of the clinic. so. the fairly soon but essentially else course towards see. your son more even. if we. would prefer to do. a little more or possibility. to digital version so just good results introduce. some dark mark on this it was a more powerful tool is it similar for nasa to techies that the movers and director
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will ask to be put. into class danny besson at least well i'm sure the home of you know who that is for top off. the notion of a high office in legitimately and. i know from personal experience that living with a fragile mother can be difficult it's bad enough without the prejudices of others adding to their burdens. still i'm sure a close openness with her children will help them cope. the flow for there is a growing movement in france to change attitudes to mental illness. the 1st my pride parade was held last year 30 hundreds marched on the streets of paris the so i may be clamming was one of the organized the sounds.
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of life was a lot remains to me you've actually got me going to let you. know when your father . son of the polish why the one here. if you don't know you. clue dutch was the 1st president of my proud parents did. your puppy and i was real cold rolled we could play the game again who got on a camel surf element hide. the shore he drove a gatherer society. down to humanity montana your question for 10 powerball hon and of getting close to 20 where you see good again those of one species it good and all poor. even the. color yaml even the funniest one operate on the zoology like me. it was still too broad year if you know only. or so forcibly she called to go forth do you want to hear
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again version or lose momentum or the. unknown power to local buried as she was very easy does your very live play bus going to be a sign of ideas be dirty they want to get prevent all of all sets us up in distinct marked the about a little more. than a a boozy thing is going to be guess you'll get a good swell. here duty and ascertain your responsibility as a citizen of lucy was a true meaning i know this was a little. vision he said just for fun. she key explores. according to the world health organization a quarter of the world's population will directly experience mental. so why the continuing stigma or. is it just fear and are some people more trysts than others i'm hoping one of france's leading psychiatry ists will give me some
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answers. so you could defeat on it at the press chief he says deal closed and simple so it's up to tuna via getting on with your i'm all for it would be pretty well of course you did go see do talk of some of us ocean hollow bass you'll need out of the respect it does it on a spectrum on the op said people so the population alex get in elma not only get the tone they knew she was the most christian woman should you know. she would nationals and i.v. should make me hate voodoo who did it dave said don't ideas he knows he is real money 1st one and me as he'll is going to. who has been up to the so see me does it if you know people eat plenty imo that's only what is a quarter to 12 for likes if they. went out of good the only 2 schools and if i had
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better she would do see him was a good move if you so he got on top to judge no. we got them all to do do you publish my model depress your message to them on this i have on the back to. get because had good years to define meditation if. you young you need to be yeah you could hold me on that but you don't if you did i met it you just did pretty sweet but that was it was it but don't dish in the division you had to be delayed because there was enough already because your mason. bodog who was on the shelf in depression. i wonder if i'll be one of the lucky ones oh well i'll to start phone one day. all of us are vulnerable to mental illness perhaps the question we should be asking is not why some people are mentally ill but why others are mentally well. here in france we have one of
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the most educated populations in the world and one of the best health systems yet here people with mental disorders still encounter ignorance fear and discrimination . my mother's illness started in could where i grew up at the time there was no means of diagnosing or treating her there. and. i've come back to could you to find out if the conditions for the mentally ill have improved since my mother lived here 20 years ago and. i'm going to spend a few days with an african angio whose work has been praised by the world health organization it's estimated that fewer than 10 percent of people with serious mental illnesses receive any treatment here. this angio helps fill the gap by
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rescuing mentally ill people from the streets and from villages. i meet the founder of the associates rooms like any other petrol station in abidjan. what they. a young man with a mental disability comes up to the car. before we leave makes sure that the boy has a home and a family to care for him. to come to my problem my. brother that sat. down with the. septic. the association has for residential centers for mentally ill people in could. we're heading for the largest of the. 350 kilometers away.
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is something to do song single soldiers also use a compass or. nero. and there's a pic we had do my lad with a pass on it and. it was just a bit dodgy to. sit by a live debate. from pubs and me to come up with. well i think. it's a radical idea having the patience run the asylum i wonder how well that works. he . has dedicated his life to helping the mentally ill. isn't a doctor used to repair tires for a living but he understands mental illness very well he one suffered from severe depression.
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set up his 1st center here in 1904 and has since opened others in benning looking after so and togo. he hasn't been to work here for several months. no warm welcome has been prepared for us. here and it's great to see how pleased the patients are to see if they go out again . to my embarrassment one of the residents has taken a shine to me. but. it
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quickly gets dark time to leave. the moral junk like 100 rescue mission. in the ghetto 7181 italian set out on an extraordinary journey marco polo followed the silk road design to the heart of the cards and. retracing his steps our modern day explorer discovers the same. echoes last words and the reminder of what and who survives history. markup. on al-jazeera. can the unrest in mali be stopped the situation is not easy there's not
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a magic has the united nations failed to protect the people and help end the violence special representative of the un security general from mali how much silence and the defs talks to al-jazeera. i. this is al-jazeera i'm dead you know with a check on your world headlines un's nuclear watchdog has agreed to a u.s. request to arrange a special meeting next week on iran's nuclear program. that will gradually reduce its commitment to the pact unless europe does more to save its more government air strikes in syria have killed a mother and injured her son rebel held province was heavily bombarded early on saturday rescue teams are searching for survivors at least 12 civilians were killed during similar strikes on friday the un security council has condemned the attack
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on a migrant detention center in libya it's also calling on the warring sides to commit to a cease fire and deescalate fighting in the capital. southern california has been shaken by its strongest earthquake for 25 years the day after another record breaking tremor and hundreds of aftershocks fire crews are dealing with gas leaks emergency teams are working through the night to assess the damage. when an earthquake occurs there's a redistribution of stress so it can stress in some areas but it can also. load up or promote the possibility of another earthquake happening and that's exactly what we saw here the 6.4 actually promoted the chance for the 7 point one to occur so that's when you know the tribulation can happen even though an earthquake $6.00. it actually promoted. to ms has
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president has called presidential and legislative elections for later this year. the sips a sign of the crees as he made his 1st public appearance since being discharged from hospital there were concerns the 92 year old leader wouldn't be well enough to authorize elections on time in algeria the anniversary of independence from 57 years ago was accompanied by yet more protests demanding freedom and democracy demonstrators on the streets for the 20th successive friday herb's an end to what they call the ruling elite it's. taken 54 people rescued off libya's coast migrants who. argued over who should let the rescue ship docked a similar number of migrants are ready to italy and return for accepting the latest group. back to al jazeera correspondent next right here on al-jazeera.
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i think i'm back to could divide where i grew up and. find out how mentally ill people are treated. today i'm joining the head of an african n.g.o.s on a potential rescue mission. because their representative in the broadway district is concerned for the welfare of a woman in one of the nearby villages. where . we find the women chained to a tree. i will want to die. i'm not.
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what happened to another mentally ill villager he's only been gone one from time to teach them even he said something to. the woman's brother arrives. it was a confirmed case of things i. laughed about in my life that the. real way i can live the would be. is when you couple our desire and i've been here i live i been me says something deeply i'm very paddy on our way home it can come polish my yeah being me you know i was bemused up were a little i was. said passive since at that one day let's go. in choose. your pocket your new saucy lady. said didn't my lad become my lady. i want to do it. and this. is only. losing. a song from
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a song from. me. to me from not to reveal about which. and i doubt. if. i don't know. much about you.
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there's another woman about who may need help. but. the woman is a former patient of the 2nd but since she left she's not taking any medication. and their money on. it's a bill. say supposed to live in the. act don't you see come say nope i don't people listen i live and do god like a kid don't go before committee now only only if they got past in the past why you gotta lay so i ask if they go i'll go no. no no.
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i say i. don't. 11 me. i think i'm me on the back on the cob i don't need a shout monkey do for. me not to come to see. what i saw was at the prayer of woodlawn level you see the super poor only. difference in the sound of the song. many hunters i mean i'm as old. i've not been seen as on when i'm allowed to got the best define me food.
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self-love i do see if i dig i do have less if i boast said reddish defensive nice as he did he said will. come you some others when you see a bull. mastiff me. thanks i'm not a new kook back to the women's center in blocking but they'll be diagnosed and treated. as a head shaved longer mattered and she may have lice. both women are given a shower going clothes and food to eat. they look much better already. when
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i 1st saw i had no sympathy for her relatives but now i understand they didn't do it out of cruelty but lack of money and lack of options. eric suffers from bipolar disorder. which. is lived here since 2002. once a patient he's now the head of the center. is set up the grounds are. there are no beds the patients sleep on mats on the floor and the center is seriously overcrowded because. anyone away. did not dance and pretty didn't. want.
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their shelter funds so the breakfast russians and all the other meals are very basic. a long time patient later tells me that they haven't been given a meter here since 2005. there. citizens have a wide range of mental disorders and disabilities from schizophrenia. almost whole suffered extreme hardship and abuse before coming here. is going to belong to then yes spend 6 months with his feet chained to a wooden block was like going to the neck was chained by his arms for 2 years. richard spent 20 years homeless on the streets of abidjan. eric also has a shocking story to tell. it more promise and. fun to sydney for the
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masses that they. are safe in their most searing through moral agency mme but this year she's here book with a few drinks issue for the people among is the mom close. to mark in the lobby folkways because of it. that's just african country did yeah and they see that i. did address all doped up not the last cent shit then. let. live my life and. they did what i say any look what they were good to most sought. there are over 270 patients here but no nurses or doctors just former patients working as volunteers the atmosphere is calm and orderly. yet the patients aren't over sedated almost all are active. in. the
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residence are encouraged to be independent and help out with daily chores as they would in a normal family. it's not perfect many complain that they are bored still it's far better than where they've come from. here there is no lock on the door. here no one is restrained. later i graph shows me photos and videos of the kind of appalling conditions these patients once had to endure so. one. welcome a little. they had a cause that they saw and. this is a video of a woman gregg were rescued from the streets simply dialysis and my.
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family. decided to be down to. secure pretty dramatic select conduct a year. sisyphus with little. shots in the day more to lug around so fundamental to of course a bit of fosters a less aussie in austin to wasicka vsam allowed. duvall. in the deficit better singing or. if it's a rip 2000 funny in funny if they've all sung it. now before this and was seen by you that need to come up. in last in lap dance and gary rocket can do it that's on top of the bills.
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centers are totally funded by charitable donations he receives no money atoll from the government or from the international community. the taliban's asimo got the last. last song to money. duvall. way a lot to be clues. upand allowed to be clues and africa is on this in the departed spots. too limited. it to push away like tibet could lose. the program it's a day vinnie is of the. one with them she'll tell them about. sucking between 4 and live my life my. sizzix must still effect i have it's
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a dolly. group beer. and my left. said this. particular little lad. if that is all that we're even if it absolutely will neither do i mess. me. up with this will. i'm on my way to find out how the 2 rescued women are getting on. they have an appointment with a psychiatric nurse. before making a diagnosis needs more information from the relatives they didn't show up. there only to thank you 3 hospitals include population of around 22000000.
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i'm curious about the safety of the. communist leader to some see what. your book. he said but i said i'm going to do what he said the young soldiers will no doubt what it was. that was on the internet so. you know what you know to be yes that movie he was sleeping and i wanted you to look where to be sunny you miss it i really dig it. each month struggles to find the funding for the medication that prescribes what is used in the patients and the families only asked to pay a small proportion of the actual costs. they become you suggest. that you see much. sicker. and begin to put on you she can reject much
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you do since a man with a little to be. about before going to the. vet i don't mean. away but up for additional. as elsewhere in africa mental health is not a government priority and it's estimated that less than 2 percent of could devise health budget is spent on psychiatric patients. many thousands suffer and die unnecessarily due to lack of treatment. then the longer you flush out the game using the well what i'd like to say is that. today greg one wants to show me the real difference that affordable medicines can make for the babies i live while across all it and live up to it there but up
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while he wants me to meet on 2 on whose photo he showed me the man who spent 11 years chained to a block of wood before being rescued by greg. a long is missing his action on the same business. over the last 20 years some to me has rehabilitated over 60000 patients most of whom need medicine for life. these general medical center is one of many relay points where the association drops of medicines for former patients to return to their villages. and it's been years since i last saw 20. then do. it go develop machine you you can't have any but i digress and. there go.
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it did. without needing a bra market would. get us through it and no. one has come here for his monthly appointments with his staff a nurse who's trained in psychiatric medicine. yet in. the later christopher takes us to visit a different kind of treatment center less than a kilometer away. a prey camp. to see the swinging them allegedly yet see is how much how much i like love ya probably beat. on obama's under me to get her dismissed comes out no no. i said and i detach myself at the door the way she this mentally ill patient was chained to a tree here until the past has released him if that ever. was it just that shit.
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i wish. i mean you know if all goes was a. bomb my depression prostrate possibly. so you g. is why you are sick sue no one cent was it's all been salted oh is. it when everybody all need a condom need to come up mrs gummidge come all we may hear why she. said reeky. on up and up just say ziggy going to say see so i can offer to give you the snow to. set up here it was i get in my past this is. it seems extraordinary that the pastor even with no psychiatric training can truly believe that this man. security is mentally enlistment in black. so. well you know tragic running this pray camp is called the african faith church. minutes later
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leda known as the prophet arrives he speaks in the local language. the my lads who in a family demanded of him one case. rule. to give. you. that. i says. yes a memo. that says look yeah potus and some say. the focus was woman oh yeah. yeah yeah.
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slate i'm shown the holy water that's used to heal the patients. once i found the perfect actually for a good hour concrete to see if you're my not a prop why did i say that it. was a devout enough for weeks and it could only work if it's a professor michael douglas i don't know i got a cuppa judy on the trees i say machine on internet a lot of aid can do it all the puffing to shit ok. we have. to measure bush to the man only to feel good you are house are fair to me. and if we're going. to focus on a. message. the best is how duty is to attend to it's prayer time again the police chief is going to. see the full some of the people that case the scenes of the medical center
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a former kraken patients. did she keep this. speech or what you needed. just. wasn't that up. so by that but the speech in me says it. did you see cheek you think listen so you see. the so you saw. me sit. here this is why i jump. in when it is shish elijah. to talk at perfect talk that perfect to walk on the pew. we have psychiatric medicine so expensive and notable funding to make them more accessible great camps and the right amount.
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of in place all shots that. she get if the scholarship. she said. ok bye bye. bye. it's amazing what the patients of psych i me have endured and survived they've told me that even in africa severe mental illnesses can be treated but the main lesson from greg is that the key elements for healing are respect dignity acceptance and love. it seems crazy that i've had to come to good to feel closer to my mother. seeing the physical and psychological scars that mental illness leaves on people helps me better understand what my mother has been through and. i feel i should tell her that.
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jimmy moves on to her more components with music trying to clear do. go victor i am a madman the film. is riposte domino. it takes our hauling all of us. the whole new way. we're we just was. sit on march best place you. see true salsa business with everybody bruce in men song the. moment at 100 where. you know i. presume oh. good place to put your dishes cause i made
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a say. we. i mean you no more. superhuman it approval. is also horrible. who says up top of them's the deliberate posh years to the bottles of us from opus when you. may. fall is the but are so are on if i on a on if me to modify when she just don't you sick to formal to. even if you fall you can get back up again but not without the support of others. today understand my mother and her illness better. yet her depression has left an indelible scars on our relationship. as i am now a mother i find myself struggling to forgive her for feeling neglected as a child. still our problems now seem trivial compared to those of the people i've
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met on this journey. after mixing many patients in france and africa i am outraged to see that literally millions of people can be treated to receive no help or medication because of lack of resources ignoring us and stigma i don't think there's any excuse for so much suffering and it can happen to any of us. we all have a duty to change attitudes starting without.
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the wet and sunsets by cattle and rains. we've got some rather cold weather into argentina at the moment that's the case in point to sarah's quest sunshine coming through here further north as a platter to the southeast or brazil want to see showers and the possibility along the coastal fringes up towards river for many as you can see is looking fine a dry 10 celsius in what is areas should be about 15 degrees this time of year it's been cooler as we go on into sunday just 9 degrees at that stage on the side of the andes 15 celsius there for santiago but a dry weather you see pushing right up into much of brazil some showers there a little further north towards ecuador towards a colombia venezuela want to see showers too into the caribbean but again not too much wet weather to speak of the civil cluster of storms just bring one or 2
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showers there in say the dominican republic elsewhere it's generally fine unsettled fair weather clouds across the eastern islands jamaica looking largely dry along with cuba's the western side of the caribbean that will have the lion's share of the rain on sas day and even more so as we go on into sunday some rather wet weather pushing right up towards yucatan peninsula some other weather to say making its way out to the rockies into the central plains of the u.s. and i saw continuing to push east. the weather is sponsored by the time. they watch us. they gather evidence but so can we. american cyber activists develops and used in brazil a moment to release. we have more cameras than they do because
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we're the people the bigger. houses here this is the opportunity to understand the very different way where there are these new markets and we don't leave out. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from the headquarters and. that coming up in the next 60 minutes there ron prepares to step up your am in richmond to the u.n. nuclear watchdog schedules a special meeting on to ron's nuclear program. celebration and skepticism in sudan and we'll have reaction to the opposition's power steering deal with the military john top. southern california is walked by another powerful earthquake.
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and only a hardy with sports the world's biggest cycling race the tour de france is underway and the fairy tale continues for the 1st 15 year old qualifier to reach the last 16 at wimbledon. hello there you ignited nation's nuclear watchdog has agreed to a request from washington to arrange a. special meeting on iran's nuclear program next week this comes. the that's the senior aide to iran's supreme leader ayatollah harmony says tehran would reduce its commitment to the 2050 nuclear deal unless european leaders did more to save it well he's real definitely not initiate anything to withdraw from the nuclear deal unless the other party does the other party has step by step americans directly and
9:50 pm
europeans in directly violated the deal we'll show reaction exponentially as much as they violate it we reduce our commitments as much as they reduce it if they go back to fulfilling their commitments we will do as well this will happen at a rational and gradual pace meanwhile injured broke a court has approved a request to detain an iranian tanker for another 14 days british forces seized the ship on thursday on suspicion it was delivering oil to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions iran says the move is illegal and has demanded its release let's bring in dorsetshire is joining us from tehran we'll talk about their rainy and tanker in a moment or saw but we'll begin with the u.n. nuclear meeting called by the us will this give iran a forum to voice its complaints about the u.s. sanctions against it and against the g c j c p o a.
9:51 pm
well no i think of a reaction has been that they don't understand why the united states is all of a sudden concerned about iran's commitment to this deal because the united states withdrew from this deal last year and they have imposed a series of sanctions on iran they rein in say that it is ironic that the united states no longer a signatory to this deal is criticizing iran for reducing its commitments the iranians have decided after a 60 day period which is up tomorrow but the europeans the it says it respond to their concerns that they have been upheld there and that the deal the iranians say because of the united states pressure the european signatories to this deal have not really invested in the country's economy as they should have and the iranians feel like they're the only ones left in this deal this meeting will be important because the i.a.e.a. is in charge of actually implementing the restrictions that have been put in place under this deal inside iran and its nuclear facilities and over the past 3 years
9:52 pm
the south has issued over 15 reports saying that iran has been in compliance with this nuclear agreement it is only last monday that the iranians exceeded the 300 kilograms of low enriched uranium at a level of 3.67 percent and that was a decision that was announced by president hassan rouhani in early may that for this 60 day period they will be doing their we make keeping all the enriched uranium inside the country and not exporting it as they have been under disagreement so they have said that they are scaling back their commitment to see what the europeans will will do to uphold their end of the deal and on the iranian tanker injure brawl 2 are now being held for an additional 14 days door so what does ron saying about that and what appears to be a growing international dispute. certainly there in this is a very very important issue for the radius because the destination of this vessel was
9:53 pm
that body else refinery in the mediterranean port city of tire to say syria now the iranians are saying this vessel was ellen in international waters they summoned the british ambassador to the foreign ministry where they presented their documentation about this ship and the crude oil that was on board it's a super tanker so nearly $2000000.00 barrels of crude oil was aboard this ship and they are in use are saying that they do not recognize the european union sanctions that were imposed on the syrian government in 2011 because those sanctions have not been indorsed by the united nations therefore they're not binding to the iranians they say this is an end of another example of how as a united states government is putting pressure on these european countries for trying to isolate iran and its economy further and that will only escalate tensions in this region more door so jabari thank you. for government air strikes in syria have killed
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a mother and injured her son in rebel held in the problem which was heavily bombarded early on saturday rescue teams are searching for survivors at least 13 civilians were killed during similar strikes on friday funerals have been held for the 14 russian navy officers killed when a fire broke out on their submarine on monday cars carrying their coffins were seen arriving for the service in st petersburg which was closed off to the media the officers died in the barents sea on board the nuclear powered sub russia's keeping their identities and further details of the accident a secret. celebrations as well as skepticism has been the reaction so far to the announcement of a political transition agreement in sudan opposition leaders have held a series of public meetings to explain why they signed the agreement it's due to be finalized with military leaders by monday alexey o'brien reports. from early morning until late at night in main squares mosques and on street corners.
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sudanese people came together. facing the drums of change and chanting civilian revolution. hailing what some say as the 1st step towards ending decades of dictatorship. but i think that i am telling the youth that the revolution is not over the revolution has just started with the internet shut down by the military jump to news of the deal spread mostly by word of mouth and in public meetings held by opposition leaders have used. the agreement will be signed off to its final laws and some heads of state from different countries will be attending the signing we are expecting this to take place within the upcoming week before says of the freedom and change have already picked up their candidates for the announcement of the sovereign council and the prime minister the sovereign council will include 5 military and 5 civilians plus an
9:56 pm
additional civilian agreed by both sides the council will 1st be led by the military will hand over to civilians in just under 2 years they'll lead it until elections june and 2022. the civilian opposition will remain change was in a no win position they either had to agree not as presented by the african union. or the transitional military council is going to say they won't go we're withdrawing. there are mixed feelings in saddam for some the details of victory for others it's a surrender disorder more would still have demands and these demands have not yet been met we have the blood of the martyrs in the main city inside we still want rights that haven't happened yet. part of the deal includes an investigation into a violent crackdown by security forces which saw more than $100.00 protesters
9:57 pm
killed. amnesty international says this agreement must be judged by how those in power now live up to their responsibilities to respect people's fundamental rights something the sudanese people have been deprived of for well over 3 decades amnesty called the deal a testament to the resilience of ordinary people they chose to stand up for their rights alexia brian al jazeera. emergency workers in california are assessing the damage from the strongest earthquake in 20 years the 7 point one magnitude jolt caused injuries on cracks and buildings on roads and sparked fires from gas leaks the 2nd major quake in successive days in the u.s. state follows hundreds of aftershocks john hendren has one of. the biggest earthquake in 2 decades struck california's mojave desert it rattled chandelier here and was filmed by news presenters 250 miles away in los angeles to get out of
9:58 pm
the death all right we're going to get a break go we'll be right back after a while it came a day after a magnitude $6.00 quake along the same fault line shaking buildings and shutting down a highway strewn with rocks so the fault is growing we brought here to piece in the 1st earthquake ruptured a bit more on the 5.4 this morning and we're rupturing more now it is moving towards the northwest away from the metropolitan area as far as we can tell the u.s. geological survey says there's a 5 percent chance a bigger quake will follow this is another earthquake everyone has a chance i'm trying to think if we've ever seen a situation with the 6.47 i meant something even bigger and i can't think of one the epicenter of the southern california quake was in the city of ridgecrest halfway between los vegas and los angeles we're gathering intelligence and we're taking action on multiple structure fires we're gathering information we've got our helicopter in the air doing our work on
9:59 pm
a sense of the city of ridgecrest and the surrounding areas. we got. reports of tremors came from as far away as sacramento an 8 hour drive to the north and several hours to the south in mexico leaving 1st responders in the desert community scouring the area for damage and anyone injured by the quake john hendren al-jazeera. plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including the u.n. calls for a cease fire in libya as it condemns an attack on a migrant detention center. african leaders gather in asia with the goal of creating the world's largest trading. in sport with leo we're in brussels as the city hosts the opening stage of this year's tour de france. but 1st the president has called presidential and legislative elections for later
10:00 pm
this year. signed the decrees as he made his 1st public appearance since being discharged from hospital there were concerns the 92 year old leader wouldn't be well enough to authorize elections on time subsea also took action to extend state of emergency for the u.n. security council has condemned the attack on a migrant detention center in libya and called on the warring sides to commit to a cease fire video has emerged showing the moment the air strikes at the camp near tripoli on tuesday 60 people were killed and more than 100 others injured the world health organization says almost 1000 people have been killed since have to began his offensive to take over the capital 3 months ago or.


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